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Mattress Guide

A high-quality mattress from Bed Creed will change your life. Our mattresses promote healthier, more meaningful rest in an environment engineered for superior sleep.

This guide should give you the information and advice necessary to make an informed choice based on factors specific to you..

A mattress is an investment

When last did you replace your mattress? A good quality mattress can last up to 10 years, so start thinking of a mattress as a serious investment in your health and well-being. There is no use in making a purchasing decision solely on price. Every £100 you spend on a mattress represents just 2.7p a night over 10 years. This is a false economy.

Get the best mattress for your available budget.

Think about you (Don’t forget your sleeping partner!)

We all vary in size, weight and preferred sleeping position. One mattress cannot fit all, so what is best for someone may not be appropriate for another.

Are you slight, average-sized or heavy-set? Do you sleep on your side, back or stomach and do you generally sleep hot at night? Answering these questions will help you decide between mattress type and mattress tension.

Comfort Level (Firmness)

All our mattresses have been gauged for an average-sized sleeper of 80kg.

A mattress we describe as 'firm' will feel harder to a 70kg sleeper versus a sleeper who is nearer to 100kg. Back and stomach sleepers generally prefer harder sleeping surfaces while side sleepers require added softness that relieves pressure points from hips and shoulders.

Comfort levels are stated on individual mattress pages.

Mattress Sizes

All our mattresses are available in standard UK sizes. Measurements expressed in centimetres below.


W90 x L190

Compact Double

W122 x L190 (4ft)


W137 x L190 (4ft6)


W152 x L200 (5ft)

Super King

W180 x L200 (6ft)


Custom-sizes can be furnished upon request and will attract an additional charge based upon variance from the standard.