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Mattress Features

Spring Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress Features:

Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

  • Medium Firm Rating
  • • Offers a comfy nights sleep
  • • 13.5 Open Coil Bonnell spring for a longer life
  • • Four way stretch fabric used for extra comfort 
  • • Deep micro quilted for extra comfort
  • • Mattress depth is 9-10" (25cm)
  • • Responsive 40KG/M3 Memory Foam
  • • Hypo Allergenic
  • • Contours to your body's natural shape
  • • Relieves points across the body
  • • Promotes good blood circulation
  • • Medium - Firm comfort rating
  • • Suitable for any type of standard size bed base
  • • May come vacuum packed or rolled
  • • Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations


Spring Orthopaedic Mattress

Mattress Features : 

  • 13.5 Open coil bonnell spring
  • 8 M wire wedge for extra support
  • Approx. 9-10-inch mattress
  • medium soft mattress 
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • head to toe support
  • Luxurious Belgium damask fabric
  • Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations


Pocket 1000 Memory Mattress

Mattress Features :

  • 1000 zoned pocket spring system
  • Traditional hand tufted mattress
  • Breathable border for optimum airflow
  • Mattress Depth: 33cm
  • Comfort Level: Medium/Firm


  • Natural Pocket 1000

    A luxurious and environmentally friendly mattress featuring a naturally sourced wool comfort layer that blends optimum temperature regulation, gifting you the perfect night-time retreat for every season.

    Natural comfort for every season

    A beautifully handcrafted luxury mattress with a naturally sourced silk, wool and cashmere comfort layer that helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature through all four seasons, while also providing exquisite comfort and soothing support.

    Indulgent luxury

    Handcrafted with an expert's touch, the Natural comfort layers offers an indulgent luxury akin to that of a 5-star hotel, allowing you enjoy a truly blissful sleep, night after night.

    Tailored support from head to toe

    Our exclusive pocket spring support system caters for every type of sleeper. 1000 individually nested springs respond independently to your weight and movement through the night, offering a truly tailored and enriched sleeping experience - relieving pressure where you need it the most and offering optimum spinal alignment.


Pocket 2000 Memory Mattress

  • 2000 zoned pocket spring system
  • Body moulding memory foam
  • Breathable border for optimum airflow
  • Mattress Depth: 27cm
  • Comfort: Medium

Memory Pocket 2000

Feel the sumptuous nature of memory foam that cocoons the body and allows you to gently sink into a blissful slumber. Responsive and pressure relieving, back aches and pains will soothe away to create a truly relaxing sensation.

Sink into a blissful sleep

The Memory Pocket 2000 combines the indulgent comfort of memory foam with the tailored support of a pocket sprung support system.The responsive memory foam comfort layer will gently hug you to sleep, moulding with the contours of your body, while providing soothing pressure relief.

More breathable than standard memory foam

With newly designed breathable borders, the Memory Pocket 2000 allows for greater airflow than standard memory foam mattresses, so you can experience a fresher sleeping experience, while still enjoying the blissful cocooning properties of memory foam.

Tailored support from head to toe

Pocket spring support delivers a supportive foundation as 2000 springs are individually nested and independently react to the unique weight and movement of your body, providing even weight distribution and maximum sleeping space.

The little extras that make a big difference

Being single sided, you never have to worry about needing to flip the Memory Pocket 2000 due to sagging as it's been tested to provide durable, long-lasting support.

Single Sided

This mattress is single sided